Sunday, April 01, 2007

Be one with the horse

by TS

There I was, finally ready to get on a horse. I kept thinking about the place in NJ where I didn't get to ride one, but where I decided I would one day. That was 20 years ago. I started chattering as I do when I my adrenaline levels go up. I decided that I must do something to make this thing go smoothly. "BE ONE WITH THE HORSE", said I, out loud, so I could hear it from inside and out. In my oneness with Pipi Long Stocking, the horse who seemed in constant hurry, I learned the rhythms on this new form of movement. I conquered a piece of the desert in a line with 9 other people. That's living!


Ali la Loca said...

I had horses when growing up in New Mexico, but now have a healty respect (ou seja, fear) for them.

I see you grew up in Mozambique, and from your photos in arquives I'm guessing it was in or near Beira. I've been there several times, as we used to live in Chimoio. Now home is Maputo and I love it, despite some down days.

I look forward to reading more here. :)

Shades of Blue said...

Matacuane, Beira. I'm hoping Kelli will take pictures for me when she visits next time.