Friday, June 08, 2007

It was lost, and now it's found...

Matacuane, Beira, Mozambique
May 2007

My childhood home. The windows on the right were the dinning room where my friend Alfredo and I looked over our stamp collections. I can see that the planting space in front of that same window was removed and the space cemented. The bars in the windows weren't there in 1975.
The clothing lines weren't in that spot. I could swear that the door is the same, but could it have lasted 30 years? The step by the door was where my mother informed that that cutting the hairs on my legs would only make them grow back thicker, and where she often stood to comb my younger sister's hair. On the left of the door sat her Singer sewing machine out of which came much of our clothing. The floor tile inside that room was light green and it was so cool on hot summer days. She was my home for 8 years.

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