Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The 4th of July and American history

I was 15. Had been in the USA for less than a week. I sat in a sophomore American history class unable to understand a word being said, or written in the book in front of me. Hell, I say.... it was pure hell, and I don't mean the history. I realized then that I had to prioritize my goals and becoming fluent in English moved up to #1. The history thing popped up in full strength again in college. My history professor was probably ADHDish and he paced ALL THE TIME. My mind wandered off often. I don't remember dates well. I do engage really well when I focus on seeing things as the character in history saw things. It is so easy for me to be detached from all that came before, but the thing is, people fight for Independence all the time. Happy Fourth of July.

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