Saturday, October 13, 2007

What is a friend?

You know those conversations you can have with some someone that leave you feeling rich, full, and peaceful? The kind where you and the someone feel valued by each other? Th kind where transparency and honesty are absolute basic ingredients? I have those conversations with very, very few people.

Ultimately, the friends I want to have are those I can have such conversations with... On the other hand, I'm very satisfied with a reasonably intelligent interchange with anyone.

The ultimate experience? Combine the two.

The process of developing a friendship like this is just that, a process. In the beginning one experiences the satisfaction of having found someone with whom you communicate well. They get you. They like what you have to say. You admire them. You learn from them. Polite exchanges are everywhere. Then, the thing happens... things cool off... you consider your next step... you wait it out... you decide to test that honesty level mentioned above. This will determine the next level of the friendship. Let's see what happens... She may have the makings of a friend.

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