Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Portuguese Sweet Bread

Once again I traveled down memory lane to my Portuguese roots and smelled the scent of pastries and rich, sweet breads from all the Portuguese places I have lived in. Kelli made this recently and directed all us Africankelli groupies to her friend's blog for the recipe.

It was well worth the search. My two loaves.

I was afraid of the results as I watched it rest and rise. I don't have a history as a baker, you see.

This was way too much fun.

I kept watching the clock to see when the 10 minutes were up.
My taste buds were happy and my soul grateful for a piece of my history I could make myself. Obrigado cara amiga.

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African Kelli said...

AHH! I am so glad you made this. Isn't it wonderful? Woo hoo for Portuguese sweet bread. :)