Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Rub on Technique

I approached my friend Kelli with a wish to help the refugees she works with at COAR. I was a refugee in Portugal at 13. It is an awkward situation to say the least.
My first project was to decorate glass frames that would house pictures of the High School age graduates of one of COAR's programs. I was able to do it from home during free time.
I approached another friend, the Stampin' UP! guru, for advice on how to decorate a glass frame. Martha promptly whips out the rub ons and sent me home prepared to start working.
You cut out the piece you want to use.
With sticky side down, you rub the picture in place. You lift the plastic sheet...

Et voila, a pretty frame. All 20 were handed off to Kelli today for Saturday's graduation.


Sarah said...

Nice work!!

African Kelli said...

You really did such a nice job, D. Thank you! I know the kids will be so pleased.